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We offer a wide range of velvets, twists, saxonys, naturals, loop piles, & various patterns from the leading carpet manufacturers including Ulster, Axminster, Cavalier, Westex, Victoria, Cormar, Best, Louis de Poortere, Lano, Brockway, Hugh Mackay, Causeway-Lusotufo, Kingsmead, Manx-Tompkinson and Balta.

We also have an extended selection of quality synthetic fibre carpets (polypropylene, polyester, polyamide, etc) from Phloor, PFL, National Flooring and other leading wholesalers.

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We can help make your ideas for your home a reality, with carpeting to suit any style of d├ęcor. Whether you propose a modern, minimalist look, or prefer a traditional large-patterned axminster, you're sure to find a suitable match from our extensive selection.

We recommend Floorwise & Tredaire underlays, both rubbers and polyurethenes (PU), such as Maxi, Supreme, Allure, Panache, and many others; the various underlays being particularly suited to certain situations. If hair-felt is required, we recommend "Ax-felt" from Ulster Carpets, which is a heavy-duty combination of wool & crumb-rubber.